What we do and what it costs?

Our business was formed in 2016 by a small team of investment bankers who offered outsourced sales and credit-vetting services to the capital markets in Los Angeles, London and South Africa.

The business grew rapidly from its base in Cape Town. Within 18 months we sourced financial sales in excess of USD65,000,000 (ZAR1,100,000,000). Fund Managers continued to enjoy a direct relationship with clients, but they were able to outsource all the lead generation, screening, and credit vetting to us – including on-site due diligence. The Fund Managers stepped in only once the transaction was fully prepared for a final decision to on-board long term borrowing clients. In year 3 of the outsourcing model, it became clear that outsourced sales and services could be made more effective and cost-efficient with desktop and mobile technology to communicate with clients intimately and precisely to comply with the application process. It also meant that we could absorb more of our Fund Managers’ existing non-essential staff costs. That need became especially strong in 2020 as small to medium sized funds looks for ways to cut costs without sacrificing revenue.

Our niches include areas where intimate assessment and communication is required, including Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (luxury and commercial). Aside from covering basic costs, we earn all our fees from NEW sales we help you generate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include all ad expenses? Yes. We cover ad spend and recover it from our commission.
Do I sign an NDA? Yes. A non-disclosure agreement is required to protect your client information and our intellectual property around our unique sales system.
How do you calculate commission? It’s total revenue you actually receive, net of any pre-committed brokerage costs to third party brokers that you or we may be bound to. Our revenue model is meant to be risk-free.
What do you mean by “setup costs”? Setup covers a wide variety of ingredients in setting up your web presence. This includes website setup or redesign, social media account setup and integration, email automation, text and telecommunication numbers, digital ad account setup, domain registration, email and cloud storage setup in need, blog and video content creation (with your assistance), weekly content publishing system, graphic design and branding.
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