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Transcript: I once flew from Cape Town to Sao Paolo in Brazil to look at scrap metal and sugar for trade finance, then I flew from there to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to look at finance cashew nuts for two clients. From there I went to New Delhi in India to for a management meeting for a new client, and then from there I went to a really remote town in India called Bhuj to look at a timber transaction needing finance, and all of that in one week. I tell you this story to introduce you to the concept of a finance broker. If you haven’t picked it up by now, finance is a world where you’re always borrowing from someone who is sitting on someone else’s money. That’s either a banker or a fund manager, but there’s actually a long chain of people playing a role in the decision-making process, and the bottom of that chain is a finance broker. This is normally an ex-corporate guy who’s decided to use his connections to arrange capital but usually doesn’t do much more than forwarding your deal to someone like me, who then does the hard work of understanding the detailed risk of your transaction. Now don’t get me wrong; a finance broker is not stupid creature – the finance broker who gave me the deals that I flew to assess on that crazy business trip was smarter than me, because none of those deals materialised. The whole trip was very interesting – I really enjoy travelling and my clients are always hospitable – but it was a total waste in terms of business. And the finance broker didn’t have to do it. All he did was get in touch with me at the end of the trip and ask me how it went. He was disappointed at the outcome but he didn’t wipe out a week of his life travelling the world. That’s kind of why I saw the gap because, in a short online course, I can get you to be substantially more competent than the average finance broker so that you can run with your own capital need. With of course a bit of support inside the course.