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Transcript: Okay so about 15 years ago I… I have a concept that one needs to be continually putting oneself out there and going beyond your ability to do… going beyond your ability to fund it… not to a crazy extent but always so if you’ve earned… if you live in a house and you are comfortable with paying the bond it’s time to sell the house buy a bigger house on a bond that you’re uncomfortable with paying. And as years go by and to get a salary increase or something then you become comfortable at that level, sell the house move up so just keep stretching yourself. So I, with that mindset I bought a building on an auction for the port for business premises and then I ran around trying to finance this building and no finance in sight. And my due date started accelerating. Then I met EB who at that time was working for a private bank. I can’t remember how I met him but anyway he then introduced me to the concept of “Why don’t you raise finance against your residence to finance the purchase of the the property and secure the loan with the residence and have the property loan redeemable against interest that’s tax-deductible so instead of bonding your house and taking the money and sticking in the business just collateralize the house and. And so that was a stroke of genius for me so EB puts the thing in place process the deal for me got the cash and we became friends thereafter.